The first podium…

Riccardo Patrese got his first podium in Formula 1 exactly 36 years ago at […]

The Domination Game

Update on the website today: I just added an article in the Histories section: […]

Curiosities: Padova

A new update in the site today, this time in the Curiosities section: I […]

Storia: GP Monaco 82

Ho trovato questo articolo su il Gran Premio di Monaco ´82 scritto per Cristian […]

Monaco 1982

Another nice find for Riccardo fans who speak Portuguese: brazilian journalist Livio Oricchio, F1 […]

New Article Added

My big thank you to Rodrigo Mattar for authorize me to publish his text […]

New Pictures Added!

I added many pictures in the 1994-Present photo gallery today from various years (including […]